Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it rain? Very little, we are actually classified as semi-arid. Be prepared, though, with good raingear.

What boots to bring? Hip waders are a minimum, most guests prefer chest waders.

How bad are the mosquitos? It is usually breezy and they are rarely a problem. We supply headnets if necessary. Bring your favorite repellent.

Is fly-tying equipment available? yes, several vices.

How many clothes changes should I bring? Several but remember that we have a washingmachine available for guest use.

Your lodge is really remote. Is there running water? Yes, showers, flush toilet, etc.

In an emergency can I call out on a phone? yes, a radiophone.

What are some all-purpose great lures? Pixies, 1/2 or 7/8 oz, pink, orange and green. gold or silver background. Mepps, wide variety, be sure to include Aglia #5 red and white. Basically anything in red, orange, pink or blue, sometimes green.

Suggested stores in Anchorage for fishing gear? Gary Kings, Fred Meyer, Mountain View Sports. For flyfishing the best is McAfee’s Fly Shop (

Suggested stores in Nome for last minute fishing needs? Nome Outfitters, Country Store, Alaska Commercial Company (also in St. Michael)

Do I need a number of spare rods? We have a wide selection of spare rods. The fishing is often heavy and we suggest bringing at least one spare and a repair kit.

How are fish cared for? We regularly clean and freeze fish for our guests during the week. Everyone is welcomed to help.

How do I bring my fish home if I want to? We strongly suggest a 48qt Igloo Marine cooler. This will hold about 70# of frozen fish. The airlines do not like articles that are heavier. (You can always bring some fresh fruit or vegetables up in it.)

What are airline weight restrictions? Generally the major airlines allow 2 bags up to 70# per person. The commuter airlines from Nome to St. Michael allow 40# per person and charge excess baggage beyond that.

How long is the flight from Nome to St. Michael? approx. 40 minutes

Do I need to bring a gun for bear protection? no

Is there any specialty gear items I might need that I normally would not use in the lower 48 states? Bring a good warm jacket and a set of poly long underwear. Bring slippers for around the lodge.

What temps might I encounter? Our average summertime temperatures are in the 50’s through 80’s with the average about 70. The El Nino and La Nina are still affecting us with warmer than average temps.

How long is the boat ride from St. Michael to the lodge? About an hour and 15 minutes depending on how much sightseeing we do.

Do we get to eat salmon and arctic char? Yes. Even when there are other maindishes we always cook fresh fish on the side.

What are the chances of seeing a bear? 100%


Will I be cold? Certainly not. We equip you with the finest, warmest Arctic gear in all sizes.

Do I need to spend a lot of money on clothing? No, simply bring skiing or winter backpacking clothes. We provide an Arctic parka, bibs, mitts, boots and sleeping bag. A checklist of suggested items to bring is included in the booking packet.

Will I sleep on the ground? Only if you fall out of bed!!! Our deluxe tent camp features comfortable cots/mattress’ and is heated with clean, odorless LP gas. The lodge at Golsovia has both oil heat and a super wood stove.

How many dogs will be on my team? This depends on your size and weight, generally 4 to 7. We are not racing each other and it’s enjoyable to always be in control of your canine friends.

Do the dogs bite? Never ever!!! They are the gentlest, kindest dogs and they are the product of thousands of years of being raised by Eskimos and Athabaskans.

Do the dogs get cold? They are blessed with thick fur and underneath it a downy layer to keep them warm in the coldest temperatures. We feed them high-calorie meals and snacks at regular intervals.

Can I help care for my own team? Absolutely, many consider this the high point of the adventure. You snack your own team on the trail and are encouraged to assist the staff feeding the morning and evening main meals. You will learn quickly with our assistance how to harness up your dogs.

What kind of meals should I expect for myself? We serve hearty, wholesome, homemade meals throughout your adventure. Special guest needs are always incorporated into the menu.

How cold will it be? The average winter temperature is plus-10f., but the extremes range from -40 to +40. Guests are prepared for every weather possibility with their provided gear.

What if an emergency develops? Each trip is accompanied by one or more snowmobiles, although they are typically out of sight or making your personal video. Staff are first aid/CPR and we maintain strict radio/telephone contact with our base in St. Michael.

Do I need previous experience? Absolutely not, you are in the care of experts who guide and assist you every step of the way.

Are older dogs ever available for adoption? Yes, every year we “retire” several distinguished veterans.

Are there any birds to see in the winter? Yes, we always see our state bird, willow ptarmigan. Also gyre and peregrine falcons, ravens, bald and golden eagles, snow buntings, and snowy owls. ( Also a variety of songbirds.)

How long each day are we actually driving our dogteam? This depends a lot on the weather and snow conditions. Generally 3-6 hours/day.

Is there an age limit? Our guests over the years, driving their own teams, range from 7 into the 70’s. Children under 7 often travel with parents and take turns actually being in control of the sled.

Do I need to be in top physical condition? No….as in the famous Iditarod, your dogs do most of the work and are the real heroes.

Do you do family trips? Absolutely, they are the most enjoyable trips.

Do you have insurance? Completely, with Alaska Business Insurance.

Will I get a chance to drive a snowmobile? Absolutely, we have several stationed at our Golsovia River lodge for use on your “day off”.

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